Bulletproof coffee is a drink gaining a huge following from the paleo community for its unrivalled ability to provide insane amounts of energy and focus. It’s 100% natural and used by many now as a replacement for the chemical rich alternatives on the market. It is used by the health conscious as a pre workout aid, giving you that extra ‘kick’, whilst helping you lose weight. In addition, it can be used for those looking to gain mental stimulation and focus.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

The butter in coffee recipe steps is as follows:

1. Brew awesome coffee
2. Add 1-2tbs ghee/butter (grass fed & unsalted)
3. Add 1-2tbs coconut oil
4. Blend

Is this a new concept?

It may sound crazy, but this is an ancient trend in other parts of the world. The Ethiopians have been enjoying butter in their coffee for centuries. In Tibet, yak butter tea, or Tibetan Tea, is a favourite traditional drink and known for its energy supplying properties.

What are the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee?

BPC is the perfect pre workout aid, which can be used as a healthy replacement to the traditional chemical rich energy drinks.

Fat Loss
Coconut oil consumption has been shown to lead to greater losses of fat and resulting improvements in body composition. There is also evidence to suggest coconut oil helps regulate cholesterol levels.

Gain Muscle
Both exercise and coffee raise cellular energy, while simultaneously inhibiting your muscle building mechanisms for a brief period, which causes it to “spring back” and build even more muscle as soon as you eat.

A very quick, healthy and convenient way to increase fat and calorie intake. This is ideal for those who workout first thing in the morning, are looking for a way to speed up their metabolism and normally struggle to find the time for a significant enough breakfast.The fats in BPC are some of the healthiest fats that our bodies need. It is important to use butter from grass-fed cows rather than conventional raised livestock, as the grass-fed cows supply the proper ratios of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Prefer to watch video instructions? Check this out: