A balanced diet is essential to a healthy life. Eating all types of food provides the body with all nutrients a body needs. Having a balanced diet helps with prevention and alleviation of various medical conditions and diseases.

Hippocrates, an Ancient Greek philosopher, once said that we could turn the food into medicine with proper knowledge. The easiest way to it interpret this is to see the beneficial aspects of various foods and use that food in the prevention of diseases. Reaching a well-balanced diet means using a correct amount of different foods in the diet. This will negate the need of taking vitamin and protein supplements, which can be found in various foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

World of fresh fruit and vegetables is vast, and you can find all vitamins in it. Every possible beneficial vitamin is found in it, and you just have to know where it is. Eating vegetables and fruits replenishes our body reserves with minerals and vitamins as well as fiber and phytonutrients.

Health Food

Minerals and vitamins have many sources, but the amount found in fruits and vegetables allows us to take enough of those to supplement our body while keeping the amount of food we eat at a low level. The ultimate goal is to maintain the vitamin and mineral levels in our body at optimal levels. Too much or too little of a particular vitamin or mineral may increase the risk of certain medical conditions.

Phytonutrients are beneficial nutrients that are rather a discovery. Hundreds of these nutrients exist, and the volume and type depend on types of vegetables and fruit. They are categorized by the color of the food, but every kind of food contains multiple phytonutrients. The colors in that categorization are red, orange, purple, dark and light green. You should eat a minimum of 5 (and up to 13) servings of vegetables and fruits per day to reach the optimal intake of phytonutrients. Don’t worry if you can’t eat one color-type every day as the color only indicates which phytonutrient is predominant in that food.

Whole grains and protein and their beneficial effects on the health

Health FoodA healthy body requires a healthy diet, and that kind of diet has to contain whole grains and healthy servings of protein. Many people who astray on their quest to reach a perfect health because they focus only on fruits and vegetables and they forget about whole grains and proteins. Protein is found in red meat and fish, and our bodies require it to operate normally (that is why vegetarians use protein supplements, they don’t have a good source of proteins).

Eat healthily and don’t worry about your health

Reaching the optimal state of your health is possible, and you can do that through food. Eating various things and doing it moderately is the key to success. Avoiding fast food and carbonated drinks is also a must because they have a negative effect on the health. The world is filled with healthy alternatives to those things, and you just have to find an alternative that will work for you.