cellulite-exampleEver notice a lump on your on your upper thighs, pelvic region, or abdomen that just does not seem to belong? You are not alone; there are many people around the world that have unsightly bulges and dimples more commonly referred to as cellulite. This condition is more common in women although men are not immune.

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is a condition where in the skin forms a dimpled appearance due to fats that are stored by the body just underneath the skin surface. The medical community classifies cellulite into three grades.

Grade 1
This classification would mean that the cellulite is not evident to the naked eye. Only when cells from a specific area of the skin are observed under a microscope can the doctors confirm a diagnosis of cellulite.

Grade 2
This classification would mean that the cellulite is quite visible. It often shows pastiness or a pale part of the skin in cold temperatures. Elasticity of the skin will also be diminished in this grade of cellulite.

Grade 3
This classification would mean that the cellulite is clearly visible, has an orange peel appearance and a rough texture.

cellulite-faqWhat are the different factors that could cause cellulite?

Your genetic makeup often plays a large role in whether or not you are a candidate for cellulite. If you are struggling with the onset of cellulite, chances are that others in your extended family also have been victims of fatty deposits just under the outer layer of skin.

Though cellulite affects both men and women, it is most common in women. Hormonal differences between genders tend to favor the women. Women digest particular types of fats differently and store these fats closer to the skin.

Puberty is usually the time when cellulite begins to develop. It is at this stage in development that there is an increase in the production of the hormone estrogen. Cellulite develops where there is an excess of estrogen causing waste matter being transported away from organs.

Amount of fat in the body
The greater the amount of fat that a person has in his body, the greater is the chance that some of these fats will be deposited near the external layers of the skin. The amount and visibility of the cellulite would depend on some of these factors. This can be caused by a poor diet and can be resolved by eating healthier foods.

What are the available treatments for cellulite ?
Laser Cellulite Treatment – This treatment which is specifically called as Triactive Laser is a non invasive procedure that combines low energy lasers to increase circulation with a suction massage that promotes fat drainage from the lymphatic system. Mesotherapy is also a non surgical treatment that involves micro injections of fat reducing cocktail of naturally occurring chemicals that your body may have difficulty secreting on its own. Find more information about cellulite causes and treatment options at tchaucelulite.net.